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Victor Anderson

I enjoy playing a role in helping people better their lives. I have been involved in some capacity in the fitness industry for 15 years now, constantly trying to learn as much as I can about all things fitness, nutrition, mindset and lifestyle.

I entered the industry when I was 16, working at a local gym, teaching new members how to properly work with gym equipment and attending the front desk.

I worked in commercial fitness for a few years, transitioning to corporate fitness, where I worked for Optum and EXOS.

I started my own Personal Training business in 2019 and have been working full time for myself since 2020. I do a lot of in-home training, where I travel to client’s homes and train them out of whatever space they have available. I also do online personal training, where I write up programming for clients who can follow through an app and perform their workouts on their own time.

Over the years, I have spent over 6,000 hours training and writing training programs for all types of people…

Busy Mom’s and Dads, desk jockeys, weekend warriors, strength enthusiasts, youth athletes, police officers, fire fighters, entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

I hope that by the time you leave this website, you have been able to take a piece of information with you that will make you an overall better version of yourself.