When In Doubt, Stick to the Basics

The health and fitness world has expanded greatly over the years. The amount of resources, methodologies, theories and hacks seem to be never ending. This is a great thing for those trying to better their health and become more efficient in doing so. There has never been a better time for someone to take controlContinue reading “When In Doubt, Stick to the Basics”

10 Lessons From “Chop Wood Carry Water”

Chop Wood Carry Water by Joshua Medcalf is a very fun, quick read that has many valuable life stories and lessons. Below are 10 things that I took away from the book, both quotes or excerpts from the book or in my own words. The little things in life matter – “Every little thing weContinue reading “10 Lessons From “Chop Wood Carry Water””

10 Quick Hacks for a Smoother Squat

#1 – Move your hands for a wider grip on the bar I have had plenty of people complain that their shoulders bug them during the squat due to where their hand position is.  If you have shoulder issues, the barbell squat probably aggravates that injury a little bit.  Spreading your hands farther apart helpsContinue reading “10 Quick Hacks for a Smoother Squat”

Progressive Overload Your Way to Your Goals

If you were to ask for one piece of advice when it comes to training, it would be to make sure you are using the principle of Progressive Overload. What this means is that over time, you are overloading the demand in which your muscles are asked of. We are playing the long game withContinue reading “Progressive Overload Your Way to Your Goals”